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Sarasota Helicopter Tours

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Sarasota Helicopter TourOur team has access to beautiful helicopters throughout SW Florida.

When you’re ready to see Sarasota, FL from the air just contact our team to set it up. From sunrise to sunset and beyond we’re ready to show your clients, bridal party or family an amazing once in a lifetime view. It’s an amazing and breathtaking view of the beauty of Florida from the air. Don’t go with a company that just does the occasional tour and demands your party fly their boring training schedule. Our team will work with you and get you the Sarasota or SW Florida helicopter tour that will make your event a success.

Sarasota Scenic Helicopter Tours

If you’re visiting Sarasota or you live here we offer helicopter tours that will MELT YOUR MIND! 🙂 Seriously, we fly out of the SRQ Heliport and all major local airports and we work with your event. We want to make this fun and memorable. Get a Heli tour that exceeds your expectations and delivers for your event. We cater to your timeline and make it work. Other services are primarily training facilities that don’t want to do tours but we pride ourselves on over delivering to our happy customers. No matter what you are looking for call our team and set up a tour that will not just be “fun” but will define your event. Unfortunately due to county restrictions we just can’t land on Siesta Key Beach but we can make your event TRULY memorable.

Sarasota Wedding Helicopter Tour

Brides, grooms and their families book our trips all the time. If you want to schedule a segment of your event that will create lifetime memories then book a helicopter tour with Seahawk Aerial. We take the time to make your event a success and from photography to scenic tours we go the extra mile for your event. If you’re out of Sarasota County we can even land, drop off and pickup for your event. If you want your wedding, anniversary or awesome party to be truly memorable consider getting a helicopter for it. You won’t regret it.

Sarasota Business Helicopter Tours

Trying to sell your beachfront condo? Have a parcel of land that can only be appreciated from the air? Book a helicopter tour and close the deal for your potential client. It’s often the ONLY way to truly appreciate a big piece of property, high rise, or difficult to access parcel. Not only do you get the WOW factor of a helicopter ride, you get the bird’s eye view that truly sells the vision of your newest real estate venture. We work with developers, real estate agents and visionaries all the time. If you’re trying to show off something really big sometimes it makes sense to get above it. Plus it’s super fun and everyone remembers it forever. Business people know how important emotions are and nothing creates a powerful emotional response like flying above it in a Seahawk Aerial Helicopter.


Call our team today at 941.400.0104 and get started. Helicopters tours aren’t expensive and they really create memories for your whole group. We love people and love to work with you. Don’t go with a company that thinks your business is a pain! We’ll work with you and make sure your presentation, event or sale is a huge success. We’ll make creative solutions and make sure you have fun. Choose an aerial company that wants your event to succeed! Call SEAHAWK AERIAL today.


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